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Brow Lift

Enhance the position of the eyebrows and achieve a rejuvenated appearance

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Brow Lift in Ensenada, B.C.

If you are thinking about getting a brow lift, choose a certified cosmetic surgeon for a safe and successful procedure. Dr. Renato Rodríguez has a lot of experience and has achieved amazing results, where he can enhance the position of the eyebrows. His skills have helped many patients feel happier and more confident.

We understand the importance of this choice and are here to support patients at every stage, providing information and addressing questions from pre-examinations to post-surgery recovery. Our priority is to ensure that they feel comfortable and safe at all times.

What is the Brow Lift?

Brow lift is a surgical procedure designed to raise the eyebrows, being the most recommended surgery for improving the arch and position of the eyebrows. This procedure is common in patients experiencing a descent in the area between the temple and the eyelid.


  • Enhances the arch and position of the eyebrows.
  • Provides a youthful appearance by correcting expression lines on the forehead.
  • Removes excess, non-elastic skin, restoring skin firmness.
  • Increases confidence by achieving a rejuvenated facial appearance.

What are the procedure times?

The times may vary depending on the patient.

Procedure duration

1 - 2 hours

Discomfort time

1 day

Recovery time

7 - 10 days

Type of anesthesia

Local anesthesia

Necessary hospitalization


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Foxy Eyes: A sensual gaze

The sensuality of a slanted and almond-shaped gaze is not always innate, but Foxy Eyes surgery emerges as the ideal choice for those looking to elongate and permanently lift their eyes.


What does Foxy Eyes surgery involve?

Foxy Eyes surgery is a procedure for eyelid lifting with a specific focus: elevating the outer part of the eye. This process also includes a subtle lifting of the eyebrow tail, thus contributing to the creation of the desired almond shape in the eyes. This surgical intervention aims to enhance the expressiveness and sensuality of the gaze, providing long-lasting results.

Frequently Asked Questions

1 What is included in the cost of a brow lift?

Includes: Surgeon's fees, surgical equipment, operating room, and outpatient stay in the hospital. Additionally, post-surgical follow-up appointments necessary until discharge are also covered.

Not included: Pre-operative tests, and necessary medications.

Ideal candidates for a brow lift are those experiencing skin laxity on the forehead and eyebrows, with wrinkles and drooping brows, aiming to restore a more youthful appearance. It is crucial to be in good overall health and have realistic expectations about the results. A consultation with the cosmetic surgeon is recommended for assessment of the procedure's suitability.

Brow lift focuses on lifting and repositioning the eyebrows to rejuvenate the appearance, while 'Foxy Eyes' refer to a specific aesthetic trend that aims for a particular shape and expression in the eyes, potentially including or not including a brow lift as part of the process.

The benefits of the Foxy Eyes procedure are remarkable, as, in addition to providing permanent results, the surgery can effectively eliminate wrinkles around the eye and expression lines on the outer part. This rejuvenating effect helps eliminate the 'tired' expression often caused by drooping eyelids, significantly improving facial appearance.

In the case of brow lift, the surgery is performed through a minimal incision strategically located, near the eyebrow hair or in a forehead wrinkle, with the aim of preventing visible scarring. Regarding the 'Foxy Eyes' procedure, the incisions are tiny and carefully concealed on the eyelid or under the brow. Thus, both procedures are designed to minimize the visibility of scars.

After brow lift, the recommended medications may vary depending on the procedure, but analgesics are commonly suggested to manage pain, and antibiotics are recommended to prevent potential infections.

The risks and potential complications associated with brow lift include, as in any procedure, the possibility of infection. In rare cases, situations such as numbness and adverse reactions to anesthesia may occur.

Dr. Renato Rodríguez

Dr. Renato Rodríguez is a certified cosmetic surgeon with over 15 years of experience. He will personally review your information and provide you with the best recommendations tailored to your needs. Make our virtual consultation now!


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