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What is a facelift?

It is a surgical procedure, which seeks to restore all areas of the face affected by aging and loss of facial tissues, in addition to being a cosmetic surgery frequently performed on men and women over 40 years of age.


  • A natural and youthful appearance.
  • Tightens the facial muscles that tend to weaken with age.
  • Loose skin is carefully removed for a natural result.
  • Improves the facial contour, by redistributing the skin of your face and neck.
  • Recover the firmness of your face to give it life again.

What are the times of surgery?

Times may vary depending on the patient.

Duration of surgery

3 - 4 hours

Discomfort time

1 day

Recovery time

10 - 15 days

Type of anesthesia

Block with sedation

Hospitalization required



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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions? Check out some of the most common questions and answers.

1 What is a facelift?

It is a surgery that consists of improving your appearance, with a facelift you can minimize the effects of the passage of time, the areas of such effect are flaccidity in the cheek, neck and jawline. In addition to being a less invasive procedure and with many benefits for patients who want to look and feel better.

Yes. Although the scars are imperceptible, the incisions are usually made in the hair, in front of and behind the ear.

The medications are analgesics and antibiotics.

Bleeding, infection, inflammation, hematoma, seroma, and in smokers, problems with healing and blood circulation.

Includes: fees for the surgeon and his surgical team, and post-surgical check-up appointments.

Does not include: post-surgical girdles (barbicuello), pre-operative analysis, and medications.

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