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Breast Enlargement

Enhance breast size with breast implants

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Breast Enlargement in Ensenada, B.C.

If you are thinking about getting a breast enlargement, choose a certified cosmetic surgeon for a safe and successful surgery. Dr. Renato Rodríguez has a lot of experience and has achieved amazing results, where he can make your breasts look incredible. His skills have helped many patients feel happier and more confident.

We understand the importance of this choice and are here to support patients at every stage, providing information and addressing questions from pre-examinations to post-surgery recovery. Our priority is to ensure that you feel comfortable and safe at all times.

What is Breast Enlargement?

Breast augmentation, also known as augmentation mammaplasty, is a surgical procedure designed to enhance the shape and size of the breasts by inserting breast implants, which are commonly made with cohesive silicone gel.


  • Increase in bust volume and projection.
  • Enhancement of the silhouette and chest appearance.
  • Correction of post-pregnancy or health-related imperfections.
  • Boost in confidence.
  • Simple short-term care.

What are the procedure times?

The times may vary depending on the patient.

Procedure duration

2 hours

Discomfort time

1 day

Recovery time

7 - 10 days

Type of anesthesia

Block / General anesthesia

Necessary hospitalization


Breast Implants

Breast implants are medical devices that enhance breast shape, divided into saline (filled with saltwater) and silicone. They vary in size, shape, and texture for customization. Saline implants are versatile and easily detect ruptures, being safe for health and compatible with breastfeeding. Silicone implants mimic natural breast tissue, avoiding visible folds but require monitoring to detect ruptures, and they are also compatible with breastfeeding.


When selecting the type of implant, it's important to consider the desired outcome and the recommendation of the cosmetic surgeon. Here are two common options: Round or anatomical implants.

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Round or anatomical implants

Round breast implants, whether smooth or textured, tend to provide a cleavage with more volume and a fuller appearance in the upper part of the breast, maintaining their shape consistently over time and helping to prevent capsular contracture.

Anatomical implants: Also known as teardrop-shaped implants, these mimic the shape of a natural breast with more projection at the bottom and a smoother appearance towards the top.

Ultimately, the choice of breast implant should be based on a consultation, where the cosmetic surgeon will assess your specific needs and goals to ensure the selected implant is the most suitable for you.

What are the reasons to consider breast implant replacement?

Breast implants have provided many women with the opportunity to enhance their appearance and self-esteem. Over time, implants may require replacement due to wear and other factors. We will explore the reasons and considerations behind this important decision.


Frequently Asked Questions

1 What is included in the cost of breast augmentation?

Includes: Implants, surgeon's fees, surgical equipment, operating room, and outpatient stay in the hospital. Additionally, post-surgical follow-up appointments necessary until discharge are also covered.

Not included: Post-surgical garments (bra), pre-operative tests, and necessary medications.

Breast augmentation aims to increase breast size through implants, whereas breast lift focuses on improving the position and firmness of sagging breasts without altering their size. Both are cosmetic breast surgery procedures, but they have different goals and approaches to enhance the appearance of the bust.

A good candidate for breast augmentation is someone in good health, with realistic expectations and personal motivations. They should meet minimum age criteria for implants and be emotionally stable. Accurate evaluation is crucial and should be performed by a certified cosmetic surgeon.

The difference between them lies in their surface: smooth round implants have a smooth and seamless surface designed for easier movement within the breast pocket, while textured round implants have a textured surface to help anchor them in place once they are positioned in the breast pocket.

The lifespan of breast implants varies, but on average, they can last between 10 and 20 years. Factors such as the type of implant, lifestyle, and changes in the body influence their longevity. Regular check-ups and medical follow-up are essential to maintain long-term health and safety.

Yes, in implant placement, the scar is located beneath the breast. However, if a breast lift is performed, the scar's location may vary depending on the technique used and could be around or beneath the areola.

The medications are analgesics and antibiotics.

The risks and potential complications associated with breast augmentation include bleeding, hematoma, seroma, healing issues, as well as specific aspects of augmentation mammaplasty such as capsular contracture, implant rupture, and alterations in areolar sensitivity.

Dr. Renato Rodríguez

Dr. Renato Rodríguez is a certified cosmetic surgeon with over 15 years of experience. He will personally review your information and provide you with the best recommendations tailored to your needs. Make our virtual consultation now!


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