What is breast enlargement?

It is a surgical procedure also known as Augmentation Mammoplasty, which helps to improve the shape and size of the bust through cohesive silicone gel breast implants.


  • Increases the volume and projection of the bust.
  • Improves the appearance of the silhouette and the chest.
  • Corrects imperfections suffered after pregnancy or any health condition that requires intervention.
  • Gain confidence, in addition to feeling younger.
  • Simple care for a short time.

What are the times of surgery?

Times may vary depending on the patient.

Duration of surgery

2 hours

Discomfort time

1 day

Recovery time

7 - 10 days

Type of anesthesia


Hospitalization required


Breast Implants

They are medical devices to improve the shape of the breast. There are several types of implants: those of saline (water and salt) and those of silicone, the implants vary in size, shape, and texture. In the evaluation appointment with your cosmetic surgeon about your breast surgery, it is important to talk about which implant will best suit the patient, be it: round or anatomical.

Round implants: they tend to reflect a more voluminous neckline, do not lose their shape, help prevent capsular contracture (hardening of the breast), in addition to a maximum duration of 20 years, and to be compatible with breastfeeding.

Anatomical implants: these are drop-shaped implants, they provide a shape very similar to that of a natural breast, the surgeon has to determine if you are a candidate for this type of implant.

Videos about breast augmentation


Download pre and post-operative care for breast augmentation.

Before and After

Before and after photos of real patients operated by Dr. Baja

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions? Check out some of the most common questions and answers.

1 What is breast augmentation?

It is a procedure that consists of increasing the volume of the breasts by placing breast prostheses, in case the bust is flaccid, a mastopexy will be required that consists of removing excess skin.

Yes. In implant placement. The scar is below the bust. And if a mastopexy is performed, the scar can vary depending on the technique, it can be around the areola or below it.

The medications are analgesics and antibiotics.

Bleeding, hematoma, seroma, healing problems, and specific details of augmentation mammoplasty such as capsular contracture, rupture, and changes in the sensitivity of the areola.

There are two types of implants, anatomical and round. The difference between the two is visually located in the transition between the clavicle and the beginning of the breast, since anatomical implants have a more natural aesthetic, falling in the shape of a drop. While the round ones have the shape of a sphere split in half.

Includes: implants, fees for the surgeon and his surgical team; stay in hospital, and post-surgical check-up appointments.

Does not include: post-surgical girdles (Brassier), pre-operative analysis, and medications.

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