Mommy Makeover

What is the mommy makeover?

It is the combination of several surgical procedures that help women regain their figure after pregnancy. In addition, the mommy makeover is a personalized procedure since it depends on the needs of each patient. The procedures that include are: mastopexy, breast augmentation, lipectomy, hd lipo and buttock augmentation.


  • Mastopexy: lift sagging breasts after pregnancy and lactation to regain their original shape.
  • Breast Enlargement: with breast implants it will help you fill in the excess skin volume on the bust.
  • Tummy Tuck: helps correct unattractive changes in the abdomen caused by pregnancy or other issues.
  • HD lipo: with liposuction fat is extracted to have a more defined and toned appearance.
  • Buttocks: with the same fat from liposuction you can also increase your buttocks.

What are the times of surgery?

Times may vary depending on the patient.

Duration of surgery

4 - 5 hours

Discomfort time

3 days

Recovery time

3 - 4 weeks

Type of anesthesia


Hospitalization required


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Frequently Asked Questions

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1 What is the mommy makeover?

To recover the figure that she had before giving birth with a series of surgeries or treatments. The mommy makeover includes surgeries such as mastopexy and breast augmentation for everything related to the breasts, lipectomy and hd liposculpture for the reconstruction of the abdomen and reshaping the figure, and the transfer of fat to the buttocks through liposuction to increase buttocks.

It depends on the procedures used in the mommy makeover, the scars can vary.

Tummy Tuck, a scar in the form of a smile will remain between the belly and the pubis as low as possible so that it can be covered with your underwear.

Liposculpture HD, depending on which areas liposuction is done is where the scar will be, the size of the scar is like that of a vaccine.

Breast Enlargement, a small incision remains under the bust.

Mastopexy, the scar varies depending on the technique that the doctor performs to improve your problem.

In Brazilian Butt Lift, the scar is imperceptible to the naked eye, as the scar is the size of a vaccine on the lower back.

The medications are analgesics and antibiotics.

Some of the most common risks and complications would be: bleeding, hematoma, seroma, healing problems, infection, temporary sensitivity alterations. For more specific information on the risks and complications of the procedures, enter the following links; breast augmentation, mastopexy, lipectomy, hd liposculpture and brazilian butt lift.

Includes: implants (if required), fees for the surgeon and his surgical team, hospital stay for 24 to 48 hours, and post-surgical check-up appointments.

Does not include: post-surgical girdles, pre-operative analysis, lymphatic drainage and medications.

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