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What is brachioplasty?

It is a surgical procedure, also known as arm surgery or arm lift, that helps to remove excess skin that tends to hang down and combat loss of firmness to restore the shape of the arm.


  • Restores the shape of the arms.
  • Removes excess skin and fat.
  • Eliminates most stretch marks.
  • Get as a result a stylish arms.

What are the times of surgery?

Times may vary depending on the patient.

Duration of surgery

2 hours

Discomfort time

2 days

Recovery time

21 days

Type of anesthesia

Local / General

Hospitalization required



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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have any questions? Check out some of the most common questions and answers.

1 What is brachioplasty?

The procedure consists of correcting the flaccidity and accumulation of fat on the inner side of the arms. The excess fat is removed by liposuction and by making an incision on the inside of the arm is removed excess skin.

Yes. The scar is located on the inside of the arm, where it is barely visible.

The medications are analgesics and antibiotics.

Bleeding, hematoma, seroma, scarring problems, infection, damage to nearby nerves, pain and temporary changes in sensation.

Includes: fees for the surgeon and his surgical team, stay in hospital, and post-surgical check-up appointments.

Does not include: post-surgical girdles (braces), pre-operative analysis, and medications.

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