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Facial Contouring

Enhances and corrects the facial profile for a aesthetically pleasing face

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Facial Contouring in Ensenada, B.C.

If you are thinking about getting a facial contouring, choose a certified cosmetic surgeon for a safe and successful procedure. Dr. Renato Rodríguez has a lot of experience and has achieved amazing results, where he can enhance and correct your profile. His skills have helped many patients feel happier and more confident.

We understand the importance of this choice and are here to support patients at every stage, providing information and addressing questions from pre-examinations to post-surgery recovery. Our priority is to ensure that they feel comfortable and safe at all times.

What is Facial Contouring?

Facial profiling, or profileoplasty, encompasses surgical and non-surgical procedures aimed at enhancing the facial profile. Primarily, it includes rhinoplasty and mentoplasty to adjust the nose and chin, respectively. In some cases, minor adjustments to the forehead, lips, and neck are performed to achieve a balanced and aesthetically pleasing profile.


  • Highlights more harmonious features to achieve a balanced facial profile.
  • Provides a rejuvenated appearance to the face.
  • Enhances multiple facial areas in a single session.
  • The changes are noticeable from the first day of the intervention.
  • The risks associated with the operation are minimal compared to other interventions.
  • Most patients experience successful recovery without complications.

What are the procedure times?

The times may vary depending on the patient.

Procedure duration

2 - 3 hours

Discomfort time

1 - 2 days

Recovery time

7 - 10 days

Type of anesthesia

Local / General

Necessary hospitalization

It depends on the procedures to be performed

What are the most common Facial Profiling procedures?


This procedure, which focuses on nose surgery, is one of the most common interventions to correct the facial profile.


The aesthetic enhancement of the chin can be achieved through the placement of chin implants or prostheses, as well as through filler injections.

Buccal Fat Removal

Buccal fat pad removal is used to refine the face, aiming to achieve a more harmonious appearance through facial profiling.

Double Chin and Neck Liposuction

This liposuction procedure is performed to address fat accumulation in the chin and neck, restoring the harmony of the facial profile.

Definition of jawline

This aesthetic treatment aims to enhance the jawline by adding volume to the jaw area, thereby contributing to facial profiling.

Enhancement and definition of cheekbones

The use of Radiesse® allows for the restoration of cheek volume through small injections that fill and stimulate collagen production.

It's time to correct that profile

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Frequently Asked Questions

1 What is included in the cost of a facial contouring?

Includes: Implants (if required), surgeon's fees, surgical equipment, operating room, and outpatient stay in the hospital. Additionally, post-surgical follow-up appointments necessary until discharge are also covered.

Not included: Post-surgical garments, pre-operative tests, and necessary medications.

Ideal candidates for facial contouring are those in overall good health with realistic expectations. Individuals with concerns such as nose or chin shape are often common candidates. A consultation with a cosmetic surgeon is essential to assess the suitability of the procedure.

In men, they tend to have more angular features, such as a larger and pronounced jaw, flatter cheekbones, and broad foreheads. In contrast, women usually have softer features, with smaller jaws, prominent cheekbones and cheeks, upturned noses, and smaller foreheads. These differences influence the approaches to aesthetic procedures to achieve results that respect the natural harmony of each gender and enhance the unique beauty of each individual.

No, for the most part, facial profiling procedures do not result in visible scars.

The most common medications are usually analgesics and antibiotics, although the prescription may vary depending on the procedures carried out during facial profiling.

The risks and complications associated with facial contouring depend on the procedures performed, but some possible ones include bleeding, pain, generalized facial swelling, temporary discomfort in chewing, and alterations in sensitivity.

Dr. Renato Rodríguez

Dr. Renato Rodríguez is a certified cosmetic surgeon with over 15 years of experience. He will personally review your information and provide you with the best recommendations tailored to your needs. Make our virtual consultation now!


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