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Who is the ideal candidate for an abdominal lipomarking?

Who is the ideal candidate for an abdominal Abdominal Marking?

We have all heard about this procedure at some time because a few years ago it became fashionable to lead a “Fit” lifestyle, where eating, wanting to show off an athletic body, a firm and marked abdomen is each time in the purposes of many, but everyone knows that looking like this takes dedication, time, effort and a lot of sacrifice.

Abdominal Marking is a state-of-the-art cosmetic surgical procedure that is performed to delineate the muscles in the abdomen in order to define that body area. It must be taken into account that it is not the same in men as in women, in the case of men it is sought to recreate a marked and muscular abdomen wearing the famous "Six pack", in the case of women a marking of the abdomen is sought more subtle and only the midline and lateral lines are marked.


Abdominal marking


But ... what does an Abdominal Marking consist of?

Abdominal Marking consists of performing a superficial liposuction of the subcutaneous fat, following the limits to extract fat and in turn give volume to the muscles. In the case of a female patient, the "Six pack abdominal" is not usually defined, but the vertical limits can be marked, that of the midline that is above the navel and lateral lines.

This procedure is performed in the operating room and under anesthesia, the time may vary depending on each patient, but it lasts approximately 2 hours.


How do I know if I can have an abdominal marking?

• People with a healthy life, who exercise constantly and find it difficult to burn abdominal fat.

• Who have slight fat deposits.

• That they are within their ideal weight and their BMI does not exceed 30.

• Patients in good health.


Abdominal marking is not indicated for people who are obese or have excess skin due to excessive weight loss.


The most attractive benefit of abdominal marking surgery is that it is a definitive procedure with immediate results and is not only physical, but also affects the self-esteem of the treated patient.

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