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How do I know what type of mastopexy I need?

Grades mastopexy

Mastopexy is the aesthetic surgical procedure in charge of lifting the bust and placing it in its place. Over time, the breasts undergo different changes that are caused by reasons such as pregnancy, the use of hormones, oral contraceptives, breastfeeding or menopause.

They are losing their consistency, elasticity and their appearance looks saggy and sometimes without volume, through a mastopexy it is allowed to reposition the breasts so that they are higher, preventing them from looking saggy. On some occasions, depending on the case of each patient, the placement of a medium or large breast prosthesis with a high projection can solve the aesthetic problem.

Can you have a mastopexy and place breast implants at the same time?

Yes, you can place breast implants and in turn perform a mastopexy, this happens when the patient has flaccidity in his bust and does not have the necessary volume to be able to show off a cleavage, otherwise when the patient has a large breast and is sagging It is only necessary to remove excess skin so that the breast looks in its place.

Types of mastopexy

Depending on the shape of the breast, different types of mastopexy develop. The first thing that must be determined is what type of breast the woman has, three types of breasts can be distinguished according to their shape, appearance and condition, the most common are:

Small, large and tubular breasts or tuberous breasts, this type of breast are those that have a cylindrical shape, with nipples and areolas of variable size and an irregular distribution of volume in the breast that generates sagging.

When the patient's breast has a very minimal degree of sagging, it is likely that with the placement of a breast implant it will be enough to raise it, without the need to make a skin cut, this can only be determined by the doctor at his evaluation appointment.

Otherwise, when the patient presents a degree of mammary pstosis it is necessary to perform one of the different techniques, there are 3 types of mastopexy: Periareolar, circumvertical and inverted T, each of them leaves a scar on the patient's bust, the which disappear with the passage of time, in addition, a treatment of ointments and silicone plates can be prescribed to help speed up the process to fade them.

How is each of the mastopexy techniques performed?

mastopexy scars

Periareolar: This type of mastopexy is performed when a large amount of skin is not necessary to remove.

Circumvertical: This type of mastopexy is performed when the areola needs to be raised, but it is not necessary to remove a lot of skin.

Inverted T: Performed when a large amount of skin needs to be removed.


Recovery after a mastopexy

Recovery after a mastopexy is simple and calm, it is normal to feel a little discomfort, a sensation of weight or an alteration in the sensitivity of the breasts due to anesthesia. It is necessary to wear your bra girdle for a period of 2 months, to avoid any discomfort due to the use of bras with a bar.

Bra for mastopexy

The final result of a mastopexy will be appreciated 2 or 3 months after surgery.


Mastopexy T inverted

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