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Defined wishes and fears of patients

People demand more than a daily filler, they are not looking for the best, but a treatment tailored to their needs. Women are looking for a sharp and defined facial shape, and men are looking for more masculine contours, a sharp jawline.

Those who want an exclusive and tailored solution that defines their appearance, that is why we offer the RADIESSE®.

What is radiesse®?

Radiesse is a facial filler with calcium hydroxyapatite (CaHA) which is used to treat the loss and thickness of the skin, the reduction of bone structure and fatty tissue, to achieve in the case of women a facial shape tapered, lifted and defined, in men get a more masculine contour, a sharp jawline.


  • Stimulates collagen production from the first application.
  • The treatment is fast. In 15 minutes you can improve the appearance of your face.
  • Visible results immediately and lasting.
  • Helps regenerate tissue.
  • Restores the natural structure of the skin from within.
  • Provides contour restoration to the lower face and jawline.

Where is radiesse® applied?

Radiesse offers versatile treatment options for each patient, as treatment can be customized to restore the facial contours that define your appearance.

1.- Fixing points

Injection sites

  • Zygomatic arch: lateral to medial
  • Premalar
  • Pre-jowl

2.- Firmness in mandibular contour

Injection sites

Insertion points on jowl

  • In the direction of the pre-jowl groove
  • In the direction of the mandibular angle

Insertion points at the mandibular angle

  • Directed towards the mandibular section

3.- Chin contouring and augmentation

Injection sites

Treatment consisting of one or two application points to increase the area

  • Women: 1 central application point.
  • Men: 2 application points (parted beard).

Female Patient

Male Patient

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