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What is BodyTite?

BodyTite is a great solution for people who even with diets and regular exercises are not enough to achieve the look and feel you desire. It also helps for contracting and improving the appearance of skin which has been impacted by aging, stretching, or weight loss.

BodyTite is a safe, gentle and effective minimally invasive procedure for body contouring. With BodyTite you can achieve surgical-like results without large scars or prolonged downtime.

How does it work?

Breakthrough Body Reshaping

BodyTite uses RFAL (Radiofrequency Assisted Lipo-coagulation) technology that addresses some shortcomings associated with traditional liposuction.

1 What areas can be treated?

The abdomen, arms, chest, knees, and inner/outer thighs are some of the most common treatment zones. Multiple areas can be treated in one visit. Each zone will take approximately 15 minutes of treatment.

Results can be seen immediately. Best results are after 6 months and continue over the next 12 months.

Depending on the treatment area, downtime can be from 1-2 days up to 10 days.

BodyTite gently treats fat in stubborn areas while contouring the skin, helping you sculpt your body into its ultimate shape.

Why is BodyTite the perfect complement to liposculpture?

BodyTite is a technological tool that comes as the only option to retract the skin in cases where liposculpture is not enough and the skin is not enough to perform a lipectomy.

This device is a high intensity and subdermal radiofrequency that will produce a retraction of the skin adhering more to the contour of the body.

BodyTite is the perfect complement to liposculpture. Combining these two procedures will eliminate flaccidity in the arms and between the legs, a better definition in the abdomen, better definition in the buttocks and, a great novelty, a bust lift can be done with BodyTite.

Who are candidates for BodyTite?

We will classify patients who are candidates for BODYTITE into 3:

Borderline patients: These are patients whose degree of flaccidity is not so excessive as to require a lipectomy, brachioplasty or cruroplasty, but a liposculpture would not be a solution to retract the skin either. See image 1

Patients with fear of scars: Patients who present flaccidity, but are afraid of presenting scars, this method will help retract the skin and thus achieve a better appearance. See image 2

Post-operated patients who require retouching: Patients with previous liposculpture and who cannot be subjected to said surgery again, or patients with sequelae of a poorly performed lipectomy (the so-called “dog ears”), patients with a certain degree of flaccidity in the arms, thighs or in the abdomen, especially around the navel (the so-called “donut effect”). See image 3

Image 1

Image 2

Image 3

BodyTite Testimonial

Mastopexy without surgery with BodyTite

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