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What is AccuTite?

AccuTite is the smallest contraction device in cosmetic medicine.

With AccuTite, focal radiofrequency contraction can be applied and prevent the need for more invasive or excisional surgery. The AccuTite is the latest in the Radiofrequency Assisted Lipo-coagulation (RFAL) family of technologies.

How does it work?

How quickly will I see results?

Results can be seen immediately. Best results are after 6 months and continue over the next 12 months.

Instant results

What areas can be treated?

Any areas with saggy skin or excess fat can be treated. Common areas for the face include the brows, periorbital region, nasolabial fold, lower face, and neck. On the body, patients can receive AccuTite for the axilla, upper arms, abdomen etching, inner thighs, and knees.

Non-surgical Labioplasty

Aviva with Accutite is a new minimally invasive procedure used to correct congenital anomalies in the vagina and restore the appearance of the intimate area of women. This non-surgical procedure uses Inmode Aesthetic Solutions' RFAL technology to produce maximum skin contraction in the labia minora, labia majora, clitoral hood, vulvar introitus, and perineum, resulting in precise and safe results. The procedure takes less than 20 minutes and is performed under local anesthesia, without removing excess skin.

Is this safe?

AccuTite has numerous safeguards built into the technology to ensure uniform and gentle heating that makes the procedure comfortable and effective.

What kind of post procedure care is required?

AccuTite is a minimally invasive procedure performed with a very small wand under local anesthesia or light sedation. Post procedure, patients can go home the same day and resume regular activities shortly after. Depending on the treatment area, wearing a compression garment may be recommended.

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